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Hardwood floor refinishing & installation in Suwanee GA, Cumming GA, & Alpharetta GA

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you’ll be glad to hear they are a substantial asset and hardwood floor refinishing Cumming, GA will keep that asset strong. If your floors have seen better days and are scuffed and scratched, refinishing can bring them back to beautiful.

Southern Classic Floors & More provides wood floor refinishing Cumming, Alpharetta, Roswell and Suwanee for homes and businesses. We have specialists on-staff who are trained and credentialed to restore your hardwood floors to pristine. And, if we decide your floors are beyond repair, have no fear, we have the products and staff for hardwood flooring installation in Suwanee GA & Alpharetta GA as well.

Wood floor refinishing at a glance

The process we use for wood floor refinishing depends on the amount of damage to the floors. If the wood floors are just scuffed and lightly scratched, the surface may be able to be buffed out and a coat of the original type of finish applied.

If the damage to the floors is more extensive, then the wood floor restoration process will include sanding and refinishing. This wood floor refinishing process is somewhat more complicated than buffing, but the results are spectacular. It may take three or more passes with increasingly fine sandpaper on the sander. Once all the grime and scarring is removed, the wood floors are vacuumed and wiped with a tack cloth.

Since the previous finish was removed by the sanding, your floors are a blank slate finish-wise. One of our refinishing professionals will review with you the pros and cons of the many types of finishes available. In short, there are hardwearing finishes with higher VOCs than the less durable, but lower VOC water-soluble finishes. There is always the old-school option of staining and waxing which requires some maintenance, but floors with this finish can be kept-up for years.

Tips for refinishing your hardwood floors

Move all furniture, furnishing and anything covering your hardwood flooring, including old carpeting, etc.

Prepare to stay out of the room where you are having the wood floor refinishing, until the final coat of finish has been applied per manufacturer’s guidelines. Children and pets are safer if they are kept out of the area starting with the refinishing all the way through the final coat of finish is dried.

Ask our wood floor refinishing experts for tips to keeping your floor like new.
Hardwood Refinishing in Cumming, GA area from Southern Classic Floors & More

Hardwood floor refinishing and 100% satisfaction

We do not consider your wood floor refinishing complete, until you are completely satisfied with the result. If you have any questions, or adjustments to be made with the hardwood floor refinishing Cumming GA, we will stay on the job until you are content and sign-off on the project. Southern Classic Floors & More is your expert in hardwood flooring installation in Suwanee GA & Alpharetta GA and wood floor refinishing Cumming, Roswell, Alpharetta, and surrounding areas.